Tax Services

from Avax Accounting

At Avax Accounting, we prefer to take a proactive rather reactive approach to our tax services. By following every new tax law and legislation, we put our clients in a position to identify key tax planning opportunities that minimize both their current and future tax liabilities. We provide, both our individual and business clients, with the taxation expertise and knowledge they deserve. Our dedicated tax advisors will guide you through the complicated tax environment. They will help you to develop a comprehensive tax plan that will reduce your tax burden and maximize your cash flow.

Avax Accounting can act on your behalf to assess the situation, coordinate the necessary paperwork and negotiate an appropriate solution so you can focus on your business.

We also provide tax planning and consulting services in order to help our clients to decide whether they work with global suppliers, or need to develop a succession plan.

Our tax advisors combine their collective industry knowledge and experience so we can offer you exceptional thinking and problem-solving. We know that not every client is the same. Therefore, our tax advisors and specialists will invest their time to understand your unique situation.

Avax Accounting undertakes

  • Tax declaration
  • Taxation of real estate (property tax and transfer tax)
  • VAT
  • Business tax support
  • Tax planning tailored exclusively to your business
  • Checks on the correctness of application of tax legislation
  • Consulting – transformations and mergers of companies