Accounting Services for Greek Expats

from Avax Accounting

Taxation of Greek expats is a complex part of the Greek tax legislation.  We provide a wide range of accounting services for Greek citizens who live and work abroad and who have tax interests in Greece.

Taxation of residents living abroad has always been a unique and “fragile” part of tax legislation.  As a Greek citizen or resident located abroad, you are generally taxed on your foreign income, but there are certain foreign tax credits and exclusions that may apply, which could lower or eliminate taxes on foreign income. There are also certain tax treaty applications, based on the country in which you reside or in which you earn an income.

Why Avax?

With years of specialization on affairs of Greek expats, Avax Accounting is in a position to provide a complete set of services regarding the tax and property issues of Greek citizens living abroad. We provide solutions on issues such as Double taxation, Inheritance, Property management, as well as representation in Greece.