Outsourced Accounting Services

from Avax Accounting

The Outsourced Accounting Services have become reliable and trustworthy support for both individuals and businesses of different industries and ranges. Every industry or individual needs strong external accounting support and help desk. It saves time and helps to achieve better management and smooth functionalities with complete control over the processes.

Every client needs special attention. Our goal is to solve the problem that concerns our clients and to release them from unnecessary waste of time. Let us handle your obligations. All our work is tailored to the needs of our clients. We provide a spectrum of accounting services to help them with the routines and responsibilities of running their company, managing their business and income.

We are committed to excellent service delivery with records of accomplishment in schedules and quality for both, businesses and individuals. The success we gained over the years is based on quality and dedication. We are a company that focuses on our people who have proven to be the best way to provide excellent service to our clients.

Avax Accounting undertakes

  • Payments of Taxes, Insurance Contributions
  • Issue of Tax & Insurance Information
  • Processing operations in OAED, SEPE, chambers, banks, pension funds
  • Preparedness of Prefectures (for AE and EIA) (drafting of reports, submitting to the Prefecture, supporting audits)
  • Questions to the public authorities