About us


Avax Accounting is a leading company delivering accounting, tax, and audit services, as well as business consulting. We are a market leader helping both local and foreign companies to expand their business in an international environment successfully.

Our staff consists of highly skilled professionals with expertise in all tax and accounting issues in order to provide our clients with a wide range of services. We monitor the rapid changes in business tax regulations daily. We prepare all the necessary steps that will allow your business to have a full function in a complex economic environment. We cover a wide range of services and we face every new challenge with great responsibility.

  • Maritime Maritime
  • Maritime

    Avax Accounting, having years of experience in the maritime industry, provides reliable, authoritative and specialized accounting services to such companies. In this context, we can monitor the whole range of related accounting cases, whether they concern ship joint ventures, joint ventures, or shipping or management companies.

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  • Tourism Tourism
  • Tourism

    As tourism is firmly established in the "heavy" industry of Greece, Avax Accounting, with its many years of experience in this field, aims at designing and delivering high-quality services tailored to the specific needs of tourism businesses.

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  • Wholesale Wholesale
  • Wholesale

    Avax Accounting, with the reliable provision of accounting, consulting and tax services, can provide comprehensive support to modern Wholesale businesses, aiming at creating a long-lasting relationship of trust.

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  • Technology Technology
  • Technology

    The Avax Accounting has the experience and knowledge to provide specialized Tax, Accounting and Consulting services to businesses of the Technology Industry to constantly expand them.

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  • Construction Construction
  • Construction

    With many years of experience in the whole range of accounting and tax legislation for construction companies of any size, Avax Accounting can offer high value-added accounting services.

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  • Nonprofit Organizations Nonprofit Organizations
  • Nonprofit Organizations

    We have the expertise and know-how to deal with the particular tax and accounting issues of the Nonprofit Legal Entities, based on the Greek Accounting Standards so that the operation of the NPOs is unobstructed and smooth.

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  • Entertainment Entertainment
  • Entertainment

    Businesses operating in the Entertainment Industry Sector are governed by a specialized tax regime. Avax Accounting, having a clear understanding of the legal framework, can provide reliable and authoritative accounting services to such businesses.

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  • Education Education
  • Education

    Avax Accounting, with years of experience in the entire range of Accounting and Tax support for companies and businesses in the education sector, is able to provide high value-added services to businesses in the sector.

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  • Retail Retail
  • Retail

    We are next to each shop and small business that operates in Retail. We know all the details that will make the difference in the operation and effectiveness of your business.

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  • Healthcare Healthcare
  • Healthcare

    The Healthcare sector covers a wide range of sub-categories and requires a careful approach. Avax Accounting, having knowledge and valuable experience, can meet the needs of these businesses to improve their seamless operation and development.

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