Payroll and Labor Specific Services

from Avax Accounting

Avax Accounting understands the complexities, resources, and expertise required to deliver a payroll service in Greece and internationally.

It isn’t easy to achieve a quality payroll. Variations in the rules, regulations, and the need to maintain personal information, mean that companies need a reliable business team to support them. By partnering with us, you can be sure of a consistent, high-quality payroll service ensuring compliance and attention to detail at all times.

Why Avax?

Whether you are a small business looking to take on your first employees or a larger, global organization looking to outsource your payroll service, we are able to assist and provide the best solutions through services such as:

  • Management of payroll records
  • Complete payroll processing
  • Labor legislation consultancy
  • Advice and support on Labor Inspection matters
  • Payroll cost management and adjustment

The services we offer are designed to meet the requirements of the tax and labour law, as well as the needs of management and the finance function of a company. The reliable and flexible payroll program offers comprehensive information on personal and salary details for the employees of a business.

Also, we provide human resources management advice, regarding the ways of paying and designing employment program, harmonized with the needs of the corporation.