Business Advisory Services

from Avax Accounting

Businesses are the driving force of the economy, both at national and European levels, they make a significant contribution to creating new jobs, adding value and making a significant contribution to domestic GDP. They play an important role in boosting employment, competitiveness, and innovation.

Their stability, however, is not an easy task in the current competitive local or international environment. Continuous modernization in production and management, innovative services and products, access to relevant information and funding, adoption of advanced technologies, data recovery, networking and partnerships are required.

Regarding Greece in particular, business activity is increasingly affected by the current economic and financial crisis, as demand is shrinking, and investment seems to decline.

Comparative advantage

Through our services, we aim to promote the establishment of new businesses, expansion of existing businesses as well as business formalization and registration. We offer customized business advisory services, such as mentoring, guiding through a growth plan, innovative financing, multi-faceted improvement and innovation, operating facilities, marketing and access to the market, in order to accelerate the development of local and internationally competitive enterprises.